Motion Graphics Series

When: Spring 2021
Media: Digital Videos
Tool: Adobe After Effects
For: Motion Graphics

Frame to Frame

This is a serie motion graphic works include 3 videos that illustrate the aesthetic of framing the motions into frames. And my ideas were inspired by the electronic device's frame and how we interact with it every day. The overall visual established dynamic motions.

Fake Website Design with Motions

This is a fake website that includes header motion, fake articles, fake news, and editor letters. I also include some of my previous motion design works. This design shows the idea of how to use motion design to highlight website blocks and add interaction to the Web design.


This motion graphic work was translated from a poster that already exists which present the extension and variability of poster design. This motion graphic works show case how 2D visual could be transformed into dynamic  motion visual.


How motion graphics could visualize music in a more emotional and fusional way? 
How to convey music into moving components and interactive present?


Having fun with traditional Chinese TV promotion within motion graphics and how the visual challenge have beed displayed through out different type of boardcast media.