Web Design Series

When: 2020-2021
Media: Digital
Tool: Html, Css, Javascript and P5js Processing
For: Interactive Web Design

Music Player

Making music player more interactive by having user use mouse and keyboard to play and draw in the background board.

Tattoo Body

To visualize and make the image collection from database interactive, I focus on the idea of the relationship between tattoo and human body. To further display more and infinite image collection, each part of the human body is clickable.

In Praise of Shadows

From reading the article about traditonal japanese architecture and how the building have transformed the shadow in a more interactive and more attractive way, it inspired me of designing this interactive storytelling web. The beauty of seeing shadows coming through different shapes of window is the main idea of this web. I also add interaction of hovering and scrolling the text to imitate the way of how shadow is unpredictable and very blurry.